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Erik Merchant, PT

Erik Merchant is a Physiotherapist who uses manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release techniques and education as his primary modes of treatment. He is focused on providing treatment supported by current research to maximize results and meet client goals. Erik believes that one-on-one care and exercise provides the best results, and makes a point to get to know his client’s personally to ensure that their needs are understood and met.

Headshot of Erik Merchant

As a former Canada Games member and Acadia varsity soccer player, Erik knows the demands an athlete faces and understands first hand the road to recovery and transition back into sport following an injury. Erik has a particular interest in combining his physiotherapy skills and personal training knowledge to create exercise programs that not only rehabilitate current injuries, but prevents future time lost in sport, work and recreational activities that his clients love to do. Outside of work Erik continues to play soccer year round, is an avid skier, loves music, and is an aspiring, yet underachieving, guitarist.

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