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Drew Stratton, PT

Drew Stratton, founder of Forte PT, is a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach who uses a human movement based approach to health and performance. With advanced courses in movement screening and assessment, Drew looks at whole movement patterns to help people improve strength, balance, and agility, and to recover from injury.

Headshot of Drew Stratton

For over a decade, Drew has worked as an Exercise Physiologist/Strength and Conditioning Coach with youth, varsity and elite athletes, weekend warriors, and people just becoming active for the first time. Drew has a passion for helping individuals reach their optimal health, and believes physiotherapy is not only a tool for rehabilitation and recovery, but also an important regular practice for injury prevention and overall health.

As a former university (Dalhousie) and professional basketball player (Australia/Canada), and current elite basketball coach, Drew knows first hand the dedication it takes to perform at a high level and the hardships of overcoming an injury to return to play. Whether you’ve been active for years, just getting back into it, don’t know where to start, recovering from an injury, experiencing pain, or trying to make a leap in your sport, Drew can help you meet and exceed your health and performance goals.

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