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Allison Lerette, PT

Allison Lerette is a physiotherapist who believes in exercise and movement as the answer to [life] treatment, management and prevention of injuries. Allison has experience working with people of all ages, with a special focus in paediatric-adolescent populations.  She has taken courses in manual therapy, exercise prescription, concussion management, pain management as well as dry needling and acupuncture. Her treatment approach involves evaluating her patient as a whole to determine how to optimize their performance and decrease the risk of injury. 



Headshot of Allison Lerette

As a former Dalhousie University varsity volleyball and track and field athlete, Allison has experience with the demands of sport on your mind and on your body. She still spends much of her time outside of the clinic both playing and coaching volleyball. Allison uses her experience from her athletic and coaching background, to help to coach her patients toward their goals whether that is injury recovery, return to sport, pain management or trying something new!  

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